Shooting With My Phone…On My One Day Vacation

August 18, 2015 § 2 Comments

"Kelley's Island Ferry at Sunset"

“Kelley’s Island Ferry at Sunset”

It’s been one of those summers where it’s been difficult to get away on a vacation.  My wife and son suggested we go to Kelley’s Island for the day.  For those of you that aren’t familiar with the Cleveland area, there are a group of islands in Lake Erie west of Cleveland.  It’s a great place to boat, swim, fish, drink beer, hike, drink wine, site see and did I mention drink?  I wasn’t going to go, but then I thought, “what am I going to do, spend another day in front of the computer?”.  So I figured I’d go, but I wasn’t taking my camera bag with me.  If I saw anything worth shooting, I’d use my Galaxy 5 Phone camera.  I wound up shooting hundreds of shots of people, buildings, the water…practically everything I saw!  The real treat was the return trip on the ferry at sunset.  Before boarding, I got a few shots of the ferry where I shot into the setting sun.  I had to block part of the sun with my hand, and use my loupe to actually see what I had captured on my LCD screen.  Once we boarded, the sun was just above the horizon so it was easier to just sit and shoot.  The seagulls accompanied us all the way back to shore, and I was able to get them in some shots.  In the image with the 2 seagulls, the main gull in the foreground was shot by himself and later stripped into the image you see here.  Just before you get to the dock, there’s all of the rigging equipment that made for some nice silhouettes.  I did include one image of my main activity while on the island…I think you’ll be able to figure that one out!

"The Ride Back To The Mainland"

“The Ride Back To The Mainland”

"Ferry At Sunset 2"

“Ferry At Sunset 2”

"Island Activities"

“Island Activities”

"Johnny Keeping Watch"

“Johnny Keeping Watch”

"Lake Erie Sunset"

“Lake Erie Sunset”

"Lake Erie Sunset 2"

“Lake Erie Sunset 2”

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