Still Life, Studio Strobes and Sony a6000

September 7, 2015 § 6 Comments

"Tomatoes In A Bird's Nest"

“Tomatoes In A Bird’s Nest”

I just recently started shooting still life subjects with strobes in my studio with my new Sony camera.  Up until now, I was only using my new Sony a6000 camera with natural light.  I wanted to see how it would perform under studio conditions…and I was very pleasantly surprised!  I shouldn’t have been surprised since this little camera has blown me away with all the other shoots I’ve done with it.  I grabbed a few things and set them up on a smoked plexi surface, under a very soft lighting set-up.  I’ve gone over this type of lighting in previous blogs where I talk about very soft lighting.  I put my strobe head inside a Westcott Apollo soft box with the bulb pointing towards the back reflective interior.  The light bounces and then comes through the front which is covered by a silk.  I then prop up a 4’x6′ silk and place it in-between the soft box and subject, for an “incredibly soft light”(title of a previous blog).  I grabbed a few items from around the house and placed them on the surface and started to shoot.  My wife had a bunch of tomatoes on the counter, so they just had to become photo subjects before anyone was allowed to eat them!  I had some junky sunglasses and an old onyx chess set I got in Mexico in ’72 during one of my road trips in my old hippie days…finally got to use it for something!  I shot the tomatoes in the ball jar, and then saw my old bird nests that I found in our yard a few years ago.  I know there’s no logical reason for a tomato to be in a bird’s nest, but there is such a thing as “creative license”!  I love the contrast between the rough texture and muted color of the nest and the smoothness and bright color of the tomatoes…hope you like them as well as all the images!  Any questions, please ask.

"Tomatoes and Nest 2"

“Tomatoes and Nest 2”

"Sunglasses 1"

“Sunglasses 1”

"Sunglasses 2"

“Sunglasses 2”

"Chess Set"

“Chess Set”

"Tomatoes and Ball Jar"

“Tomatoes and Ball Jar”

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