Assignment: Campus Life

September 28, 2015 § 2 Comments

"Campus Life 1"

“Campus Life 1”

I recently completed an assignment that was to show “life on campus”.  The designer liked my use of color, texture…I guess he liked “my style”.  He didn’t want the typical “students in the classroom”, “students in the science lab looking at the beakers”, etc.  He wanted more images of just “students on campus between classes, studying, relaxing, enjoying the day to day campus atmosphere”.  What a fun assignment this was.  I was given complete “artistic license”.  I spent the day just “hanging out” walking around shooting candids.  My way of shooting was, shoot candids, and then approach the subject when I was done, show them the images, and ask them to sign a release.  I had 100% cooperation from them!  I offered to buy a couple of them a bagel and coffee at the student center, but they said “that’s o.k. no problem” and signed anyway!  Great bunch of kids”!  The one exception was the shot of runners… by the time I did the shot, they were long gone.  A number of the images were composites, one person from a series inserted in a shot of other students, for instance, in the 1st shot, “Campus Life 1”, the kid with the backpack was so far to camera left, that I cut him out of another frame and moved him closer to the other people in the shot you see here.  I would never do that in a strict editorial situation, but this is more of “telling a general story”.  Hope you enjoy my day on campus.

"You won't believe What he said next..."

“You won’t believe what he said next…”

"Off to class"

“Off to class”

"Life is good!"

“Life is good!”

"Damn, late again!"

“Damn, late again!”

Yeah, I smoke...what's it to ya?"

Yeah, I smoke…what’s it to ya?”

"Guys, hold your breath...that guy's smoking up a storm!"

“Guys, hold your breath…that guy’s smoking up a storm!”

"Geeze mom don't freak out, I can always change it back to my original boring color!"

“Geeze mom don’t freak out, I can always change it back to my original boring color!”

"Hey Steph, some guy's taking my picture...he looks harmless enough, but who knows!"

“Hey Steph, some guy’s taking my picture…he looks harmless enough, but who knows!”

Thanks for looking…oh yeah, if there’s anymore designers out there with “fun assignments”, I’m all into having fun!  😀


§ 2 Responses to Assignment: Campus Life

  • Dear Mr. De Vaul,
    You are a true artist both in your work and in your attitudes. For me, you are an inspiration. I love your work. I too have been a commercial photographer, a teacher, and a devoted amateur in the sense of lover of the art. I think we have much in common that is why I sincronize so much with what you do. Please keep it up and most of all THANK YOU.

  • Thomaz, thank you for those really nice comments! I truly appreciate them!

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