Car Show Composits

October 12, 2015 § 2 Comments

"Car Show 1"

“Car Show 1”

"Car Show 1 Original"

“Car Show 1 Original”

Every Tuesday evening during the Summer, there’s a car show just up the street from my house.  I’ve gone to it a couple of times, but not recently.  Last Tuesday was a beautiful evening, so I thought I’d run up and grab a few shots.  I had a blast, and will probably go up again tomorrow.  I see these fantastic creations that these car owners create, and I’m thrilled with their artistic talent.  I love the shiny chrome and all the incredible textures.  The colors are unbelievable too.  I’m like a kid in a candy store.  All the while I’m shooting, I’m thinking about all the neat backgrounds I have to create my composite images.  I have to admit, a couple of these are not composites.  Some are shots where I manipulated the post processing to give an “illustrative” effect.  I’m including a few “before” images so you can compare them to the final images.  All of the cars were shot in a parking lot with other cars around, people browsing, or the owners sitting in lawn chairs next to their cars.  Some of the shots were HDR’s, some were the results of “exposure blending”, and some were single exposures with my own style of post processing.  If you have any questions about any particular image, just ask.  I’m glad to answer your questions.

"Car Show 2"

“Car Show 2”

"Car Show 2 Original"

“Car Show 2 Original”

"Car Show 3"

“Car Show 3”

"Car Show 3 Original"

“Car Show 3 Original”

"Car Show 4"

“Car Show 4”

"Car Show 4 Original"

“Car Show 4 Original”

"Car Show 5"

“Car Show 5”

"Car Show  5 Original"

“Car Show 5 Original”

"Car Show 6"

“Car Show 6”

"Car Show 6 Original"

“Car Show 6 Original”

"Car Show 7"

“Car Show 7”

"Car Show 8"

“Car Show 8”

"Car Show 9"

“Car Show 9”

"Car Show 10"

“Car Show 10”

Thanks for looking.



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