Fins…Big Giant Fins!

November 2, 2015 § 2 Comments

"Big Yellow Fins"

“Big Yellow Fins”

After I visited the local car show a couple of weeks ago, I told my wife that the one disappointment was that nobody had any cars there that had those big garish, obscene fins!!  So I figured I’d go up there last Tuesday, even though the “Tuesday Nite Car Show” was officially over.  I drove up and was disappointed when I saw only about 10 cars there.  Turns out that even though the “official” car show was done for the season, a few of the members gather on their own just to hang out and shoot the breeze.  It took all of 2 seconds for me to spot this big bad yellow beauty with these great big fins.  I was in heaven, and promptly shot about 30 shots of the back end of this car.  I mentioned to the owner that I came up to shoot some cars with big fins.  While I was shooting, I heard him say “you want fins, now there’s some fins!”  I turned around and saw this big Caddy rolling through the parking lot.  I figured he was going to pull into a spot and park, but he stopped for about 5 seconds, said something to a couple of people standing there and then took off.  I hung around till dark in hopes he would return, but unfortunately, he never came back.  Fortunately for me, I snapped off a quick frame while I was walking towards him, but before I got closer, he took off.  When I opened the images on my computer, I realized I had something there.  You can see what I did by stripping the car out and compositing it with a shot from my files of Acadia National Park in Maine.  The first shot was composited with one of my “sky backgrounds”.  Hope you like them.

"Big Bad Caddy"

“Big Bad Caddy”

"Big Bad Caddy Original"

“Big Bad Caddy Original”

Thanks for looking.


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