Cleveland…The Vision of a Life Long Clevelander

November 30, 2015 § 2 Comments

"Peter B. Lewis Building at University Circle"

“Peter B. Lewis Building at University Circle”

My parents moved to Cleveland when I was 6 months old.  Although I mostly lived in the ‘burbs, I worked most of my adult life right in the heart of downtown Cleveland.  I love the place, and as most Clevelanders will attest to, we’re proud as hell of our city.  I know it’s fun and easy for outsiders to bash us…easy enough during football season, and you still hear, as I did last week, about “the burning river”, something that happened back in the 70’s.  By the way, I hear that Chicago almost burnt down a few years ago when a cow kicked over a lantern.  You don’t hear many people talk about how the Cleveland Orchestra is arguably the best in the world, and the same goes for The Cleveland Museum of Art.  Oh yeah, all of that royalty from Saudi Arabi and other middle east countries don’t have to fly to Cleveland anymore for their heart procedures since The Cleveland Clinic built a facility in Abu Dhabi.  Forget about the artists and entertainers…way too many to mention, although my wife did go to high school with Bill Watterson the creator of Calvin & Hobbs…o.k. I just had to throw that one in!  Sorry, I got carried away there, so let me climb down from my soap box and talk about what I like about Cleveland.  If you wander around the city and nearby surrounding areas, there are so many interesting buildings, structures, people and areas.  Some are hidden, and some are passed by every day by thousands of people, but if you slow down, pause, and look around, I promise you’ll see some real treasures.  So welcome to my city!

"Urban Art"

“Urban Art”

"Graffitti Art"

“Graffitti Art”

"The Old Arcade"

“The Old Arcade”

"Severance Hall"

“Severance Hall”

"Tower City"

“Tower City”

"Tower City Skylight"

“Tower City Skylight”

"My Sentiments Exactly"

“My Sentiments Exactly”

If you’d like to see a lot more, click on DeVaul Photography in the list to the left, click on Portfolio and then click on Cleveland.  As always, thanks for looking.


§ 2 Responses to Cleveland…The Vision of a Life Long Clevelander

  • Carole says:

    Thanks for posting a photo of the arcade! I used to take ballet lessons there a ga-jillion years ago. At least I think it was in that one. Weren’t there 3 arcades in the Cleveland area?

    • Carole, my pleasure. I know of only one other arcade. It was named The Colonial Arcade and ran between Euclid and Prospect. It was pretty plain looking. The one I posted is called The Old Arcade, and it’s really ornate as you can see.

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