Flower Power…Personal Project Re-Visited

January 25, 2016 § 4 Comments

"Blue Flowers & Background Composite"

“Blue Flowers & Background Composite”

I’ve always had a love for grit!  When it comes to my photography, I’m always drawn to subjects with a lot of texture…old rusty objects are very cool in my book.  Back in the 70’s, my first boss was a still life photographer by the name of Ed Nano.  Ed was a still life guru!  Kodak used to use him in their advertisingespecially when they were advertising their 8″x10″ sheet film.  One ad showed a pile of junk…metal shavings, and pieces of old rusty objects that looked like they were swept up and ready for the garbage can, but each piece flowed from one to another with such graceful beauty!  I think that’s where I first became fascinated with old textury objects.  I also love backgrounds that have texture…old walls, stone, brick, or cracked plaster.  I love to contrast the beauty, color and softness of things like flowers with all of that old rough texture.  The first image here with the blue flowers has a close-up of the rusty surface of a lawn roller that’s been sitting out in our yard for many years(decades?).  The round object is simply the seat of an old wooden stool shot straight on.  Compose the two for a geometric shape, add the pretty flowers, and voila’,  you have a simple but graphically pleasing still-life, combining old, hard, dark and mysterious with new, soft and vibrant!  The second image is a bright red flower on an old dark background…darkened even more so only hints of texture show up.  I added some barbell plates…with the hole where the bar goes removed in Photoshop.  I stacked them in various ways, and picked one that I thought had a nice flow to it.  I placed it so I could break up the background and again add some extra texture to the background itself.  The third image started with a blend of our old white “cracked” plaster wall on the outside of our barn and another section of that old lawn roller used in the first shot.  I then composited the red flower and white vase over the background.  Instead of adding an object to the background like my two previous images, I added a spotlight effect in photoshop which not only made the lighting more interesting, but also added a “shape” to the background.  Hope you like them!

"Red Flower and Barbell Plates"

“Red Flower and Barbell Plates”

"Red Flowers with Shaft of Light"

“Red Flowers with Shaft of Light”

Next time I’m out of the studio with my latest “Cleveland” images!  Any questions, please feel free to ask,  Oh yeah, comments are always welcome.




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