“Cleveland”…My Ongoing Personal Project

February 1, 2016 § 6 Comments

"Cleveland Playhouse Chandelier"

“Cleveland Playhouse Square Chandelier”

My “Cleveland” project is a personal project that’s near and dear to my heart and therefore will be a continuing project for as long as I can shoot pictures.  I hope the Cleveland people enjoy them as much as I do not only as Cleveland images, but for the photography in general, and I hope the non-Cleveland viewers enjoy them as location shots and are not bored out of their minds.  Anyhow, last week my wife said I have to shoot the Greyhound Bus Terminal before they tear it down.  She loved the art-deco exterior, and kept bugging me to shoot it.  After I shot the exterior, we went in and I was able to shoot a couple of interior images before we heard the front desk calling security.  I’m pretty sure my wife and I don’t look like terrorists, but I wasn’t looking forward to explaining why I thought this dark, dank, lonely looking place was so interesting to me!  The Playhouse Square area was all together different.  I’m amazed at how much renovation has been done to this area of Cleveland and other areas as well.  I had been reading about “the chandelier” in the newspaper, but really didn’t know what it was all about.  It’s really beautiful and totally interesting, really adding a lot of interest to that particular intersection.  I photographed the other entrance to the Playhouse Square area as well.  All but the single blue US Building image were shot with auto bracketing 3 frames(normal/1 stop under and 1 stop over) and processing with my new Aurora HDR post processing program.  I used my Sony A6000 mirrorless camera.  My Sony A6000 is my go to camera now whether I’m shooting on location like these images or even my studio work like the flowers I shot for last week’s blog.  Again, I hope Clevelanders and non-Clevelanders alike enjoy these images.

"Greyhound Terminal Exterior"

“Greyhound Terminal Exterior”

"Greyhound Terminal Interior"

“Greyhound Terminal Interior”

"US Building on Playhouse Square"

“US Building on Playhouse Square”

"Entrance to Playhouse Square"

“Entrance to Playhouse Square”

As always, any questions or comments are always welcome!


§ 6 Responses to “Cleveland”…My Ongoing Personal Project

  • Tony says:

    What exactly is Playhouse Square for those not familiar with Cleveland? Does the chandelier span an intersection or designate the entrance? Do you use a perspective-control lens? Love the Greyhound bus terminal. Your wife was right to bug you to document that before it’s gone for good.

    • Tony, thanks! Playhouse Square is what you would call the “theater district” of Cleveland. Numerous theaters and restaurants are located in this one small area. If you go back to my images, there’s one small section of E.14th Street between Euclid Ave.(where the Chandelier is) and Prospect Ave. That archway that says Playhouse Square spans E.14th at corner of Huron Ave. As I walked up E.14th, I shot the blue building on the left hand side of E.14th. I kept walking and came to the chandelier which spanned E.14th, Euclid Ave. and Huron Ave. Each leg touched a different street…it is quite big! Back in the late 70’s I worked as an assistant in a studio real close to the Greyhound Terminal and would pass it almost everyday. I hadn’t given it much thought until my wife started talking about it. When I heard they were going to tear it down, I really had to go downtown and shoot it. I used my Sony “kit lens”. It’s a 16mm-50mm zoom lens, I’m not sure what it was set at, although I’m sure it’s in the metadata. I just zoom according to how I want to compose the shot. Even though this is a “kit” lens, I can’t believe how sharp it is. I don’t have any perspective control lenses. For my Sony, I just have 2 kit lenses. The other one is a 55mm-210mm, again, I can’t believe how sharp it is! Thanks for the nice comments.

  • dragonpainter says:

    Really nice shots!
    Thank you.
    I miss Cleveland.
    (Just an observation. Not a complaint. You can see some barrel distortion in the blue building. Artistically, its acceptance is a matter of choice.)

  • Thanks. The barrel distortion was really bad and I corrected it as best as I could. I never had that happen before, so it was new to me.

  • Becky says:

    You continue to inspire me with your work. Thank you so much for sharing it with all of us.

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