Still Life Mixing Hard and Soft Lighting

February 22, 2016 § Leave a comment

"Dried Flowers 1"

“Dried Flowers 1”

I wasn’t planning on shooting flowers again so soon, but my wife mentioned that her dried flower arrangements were starting to crumble and losing more flowers everyday.  She would have to finally throw them away.  These flowers were saved from both of her brothers’ funerals last year, and meant a lot to her.  I thought I could “save” them in pictures for her.  Usually, my flower images consist of nice, fresh, soft, living flowers.  My last flower blog shows how I mixed the softness of the flowers with rough textured backgrounds.  This time I used a combination of a soft top light and a harsh side light with a grid for images 2 and 3.  I also added a couple of small mirrors and aluminum foil to kick some light onto a couple areas that went too dark.  My opening image was a bit different.  “Dried Flowers 1” was lit by an the overhead soft light, but I took the side light and put it underneath the table and shined it on the back wall to get a backlight effect coming through the glass vase.  I had a distinct horizon line due to the edge of the table that bothered me, so I blurred the heck out of it and then blended it in Photoshop.  I’m including a “behind the scenes” image of my lighting set-up for “Dried Flowers 2”, and “Dried Flowers 3”.  Hope you like them, and if you have any questions, please feel free to ask.

"Dried Flowers 2"

“Dried Flowers 2”

"Behind The Scenes"

“Behind The Scenes”

"Dried Flowers 3"

“Dried Flowers 3”

Thanks for looking.



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