When The Situation Arises…Shoot!

February 29, 2016 § Leave a comment

"Sunset From The Barn Ramp"

“Sunset From The Barn Ramp”

My last blog was still life images of dried flowers.  I shot them in my barn studio.  I’ve been working on still life lately, and haven’t really shot anything outdoors since I was shooting my “Cleveland” gallery.  When I went into my studio, it was a cloudy dreary day with virtually no sun.  I spent the afternoon working on the dried flowers, and standing around all afternoon made me want to do nothing but sit in my recliner.  I walked out of my barn and was greeted with SUNSHINE!!  The clouds were breaking up and formed a jigsaw puzzle of various cloud formations.  I started shooting the clouds when I turned around and saw the cupola on top of the barn seeming to rise out of the heavy snow that had covered him the previous night.  I shot it and then noticed that our row of pine trees formed a nice simple scenic with their own snow cover.  It didn’t take long for the sun to set and looking out to the west, a beautiful sunset was forming before my eyes…and camera lens.  At that point, you really have maybe a minute or two to capture the sunset before it’s gone.  For all three of these images, I probably stayed within a 10′ radius…all I did basically was change lenses from wide angle to telephoto.  I decided to try different post processing styles using pre-sets from my latest program, “Aurora  HDR Pro”.  For the sunset, I went with a dreamy look.  For the row of trees, I went with a very dramatic B&W.  The shot of the cupola was a simple “realistic” HDR.  The next day, I was back to shooting more still life images, but when something presents itself to you, be ready to shoot!

"Backyard B&W"

“Backyard B&W”

"The Barn Cupola"

“The Barn Cupola”

Thanks for looking.


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