Still Life Lighting Variations

March 7, 2016 § Leave a comment

"Glass Flowers & Vase 1"

“Glass Flowers & Vase 1”

I went back into the studio this week to shoot some still life images.  I mainly wanted to shoot this glass vase and flowers my wife has sitting in the corner of one of our rooms.  I was wondering how I would go about lighting this.  Everything is glass, but while the vase is clear glass, the flowers are really thick with a lot of color.  I decided to shoot the vase separately with backlight, and then do light painting for the flowers and combine the two parts in Photoshop.  I 1st shot them with a black formica surface aiming a beauty dish with a “sock” for softening, and a grid to direct the light.  I aimed the dish at the background.  Then opening up the shutter for 30 seconds while my studio was completely dark, I “painted” the flowers with my tiny Streamlight flashlight.  I’m including the two original images that I combined so you can see the elements that went into the making of this image.  Of course I finished off the image in Photoshop…especially the background since it was smeared with Windex that I couldn’t get off!  I also shot the same flowers, except this time I placed them on a white plexi surface and aimed the background light through the plexi directly at the subject.  Again I did a second shot where I painted the flowers with my flashlight.  I did change the color on the flowers from the 1st image to the 2nd for the sake of variety…same flowers, different look.  The booze shots and the “Bailey’s image were straight light painted images where the “Broken Wine Glass” was a straight overhead soft light…a soft box through a large silk to really soften the effect.  Any questions?  Please ask!

"Glass Flowers 2"

“Glass Flowers 2”

"Glass Flowers 1 Original"

“Glass Flowers 1 Original”

"Glass Vase 1 Original"

“Glass Vase 1 Original”

"Booze 1"

“Booze 1”

"Booze 2"

“Booze 2”



"Broken Wine Glass"

“Broken Wine Glass”

Thanks for looking!




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