Giving Images That “Antique” Look

April 4, 2016 § 3 Comments

"Dapper Running Wild"

“Dapper Running Wild”

Don’t you just love it when things come together?…let me explain.  On Easter Sunday, my wife let her horses out of the barn so they could enjoy the beautiful day.  These are retired thoroughbred race horses.  They get out of the barn from time to time during the winter months, but they have so much pent-up energy, that for the first few minutes, they act like it’s race day and they’re…”comin’ down the stretch”.  Also this past week, I’ve been working on some black & white fine art images using a new(to me) post processing program that has a great black & white feature.  While checking out this new program, I noticed it had some “antique” presets.  I played around with one of these presets, tweaking it a bit and then tried adding some borders.  Having just processed some of the horse images for my wife, I thought just maybe these guys and girls would look cool if I made the images look old!  I’m including one image that was pretty much right out of the camera and then a couple of images where I “repaired” our fence and removed some distractions, and then these same images with the antique look.  One image of Berty and Rupert has two versions, one real and one surreal where I added a new background…hope you enjoy them.

"Lucy Running"

“Lucy Running”

"Dapper Running In Color"

“Dapper Running In Color”

"Lucy Running In Color"

“Lucy Running In Color”

Berty & Rupert Playing"

Berty & Rupert Playing”

"Berty & Rupert Playing Surreal"

“Berty & Rupert Playing… Surreal”

"Berty & Rupert In Color"

“Berty & Rupert In Color”

"Berty & Rupert & Original Background"

“Berty & Rupert & Original Background”

"Lucy Posing"

“Lucy Posing”

As always, thanks for looking!



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