Cleveland Hosts The Republican Convention

July 25, 2016 § Leave a comment

"Crowd On E.4th"

“Crowd On E.4th”

We sure had a whole lot of people in town last week! Protesters, cops, “pro-Trump” people, “anti-Trump” people, ordinary voters…you name it and they were there…and all of them seemed to crowd onto E.4th Street at one time or another.  I wasn’t going to go down there, but my wife was late going to work, and I thought, “what the heck, I need to get out and shoot something”, so I grabbed my cameras and went downtown with her…and went downtown the next 3 days as well.  What an experience.  It doesn’t matter what you think about the candidates, but as a photographer, you can barely keep up with all the interesting subjects that seem to materialize every time you look up!  This blog will have more images than I’ve ever had before, and believe me when I tell you that my final edit cut the number almost in half.  There was just so much happening, and I didn’t even go to Public Square and I didn’t have the credentials to actually cover the convention itself.  Before I go on with the pictures, let me just say that Cleveland and Clevelanders should be proud!  The second time in a about a month we had huge crowds and no violence to speak of.  Lastly, a big shout out to the cops!  They joked, posed for pictures, and many times had a wonderful time interacting with all the people…all the while, paying attention to what was going on around them so they could assure the safety of all of us!  O.K. now for the pictures!

"More Protesters"

“More Protesters”

"Trump Vendor"

“Trump Vendor”

"The Message"

“The Message”

"I Wonder Who He's Voting For"

“I Wonder Who He’s Voting For”

"Yeah Cleveland"

“Yeah Cleveland”

"I Wouldn't Mess With These Guys"

“I Wouldn’t Mess With These Guys”

"What A Powerful Image!"

“What A Powerful Image!”

" I'm Guessing Neither Guy Likes HRC"

” I’m Guessing Neither Guy Likes HRC”

"At The Ready"

“At The Ready”

"The Media On E.4th"

“The Media On E.4th”

"Jesus?  He Must Be Running As An Independent"

“Jesus? He Must Be Running As An Independent”

"I'm Glad They Didn't Rap My Knuckles With The Ruler"

“I’m Glad They Didn’t Rap My Knuckles With The Ruler”

"Speaking Of Rapping"

“Speaking Of Rapping”

"This Delegate Is Rockin'"

“This Delegate Is Rockin'”

"I Was Praying For Some Liquid Refreshment"

“I Was Praying For Some Liquid Refreshment”

"This Guy Was My Favorite"

“This Guy Was My Favorite”



As always, thanks for looking!



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