Still Life…My Brother’s Collections

November 14, 2016 § Leave a comment

"Kaleidoscopes 1"

“Kaleidoscopes 1”

Ever since I could remember, my oldest brother David collected things.  He’d travel around the U.S. and also to different countries.  Whether he was home or abroad, he was always visiting antique stores, art galleries and even thrift shops always on the lookout for interesting objects with which to decorate his apartment.  It was always interesting to visit him to see what new thing he had sitting on a table or hanging on his wall.  Sometimes he even had a unique piece of furniture such as the chair I always called the “leaf chair” that I’m including here.  He loved collecting chess sets, bronzes, paintings, and all sorts of things.  His favorite things were his kaleidoscopes, bronzes and his stereoscope and card set.  I hadn’t been in my studio shooting still life’s lately, but I figured what better subjects to shoot than my brother’s things.  Hope you enjoy the images!

"African Baskets"

“African Baskets”



"African Bronze"

“African Bronze”

"South American Objects"

“South American Objects”

"Chess Set"

“Chess Set”

"Kaleidoscopes 2"

“Kaleidoscopes 2”

"Leaf Chair"

“Leaf Chair”

"Music Stand and Albums"

“Music Stand and Albums”







"Vase and Plates"

“Vase and Plates”

"Wooden Objects"

“Wooden Objects”





One last note…on the “Paintings” image, the painting in the lower right corner with the blue and red swishes was done by my son in pre-school when he was 3-4 years old!  I was pleasantly surprised when I saw that my brother included it in his art collection.  As always, thanks for looking.



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