Celebrating Color

December 19, 2016 § 5 Comments

"The Window Washer"

“The Window Washer”

I recently answered a question in one of my Linkedin groups.  The group is a Nikon user group, and the question was what made you choose Nikon.  Back in the early ’70s, when I decided to upgrade from the cheap camera I was using, I would frequent my local camera store and ask the sales people for recommendations.  Every one of them had a different opinion…Nikon, Canon, Minolta, Olympus, Pentax…boy was I confused.  Then I started browsing through the magazines and saw a series of ads by Nikon, featuring the work of various famous photographers who shot with Nikon.  There was Eric Meola, Jay Maisel, and Pete Turner.  The work that these guys did, blew my mind, especially the work of Pete Turner!  Pete did extraordinary things in color.  He had a tremendous ability for capturing what I call “in your face” color.  What he didn’t capture in camera, he created mind boggling images using slide copying machines and a very expensive Scitec machine(the spelling may be incorrect here).  Nowadays, we can do the same things using a Mac or PC and Photoshop, but Pete Turner was truly a pioneer when it came to image manipulation and especially mind blowing color.  It was due to Pete Turner that I decided I wanted to become a professional photographer!  I eventually went to the Cooper School of Art to hone my skills, but discovered that the courses were geared towards large format cameras and studio lighting.  Not only that, but my teacher was a still life shooter who shared a rep with Phil Marco, arguably the premier still life shooter of that time.  Marco’s style was dark and moody, and for still life, I fell in love with that style.  So I became two different photographers…in the studio, dark and moody, outside, bold color.  Of course, there’s always some cross-over depending on the subject.  Anyhow, my most recent blog was studio, so I thought this time, I’d share some colorful images…a tribute to the man who changed my way of seeing!

"Blue Bridge"

“Blue Bridge”

"Looking Up"

“Looking Up”

"Fire on Wheels"

“Fire on Wheels”

"Orange Car"

“Orange Car”

"Purple Sucker"

“Purple Sucker”

"Bridge and Abstract Sky"

“Bridge and Abstract Sky”

"Pipe Organ"

“Pipe Organ”

"Looking Out the Window"

“Looking Out the Window”

"Cough Syrup"

“Cough Syrup”

"Stirring the Drink"

“Stirring the Drink”

"Rollin' Down the Highway"

“Rollin’ Down the Highway”

"Big Fins"

“Big Fins”

Thanks for looking.


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