Winter On The Northcoast

February 9, 2017 § Leave a comment



Winter on the “Northcoast” can be pretty daunting!  Winds, gray skies, and snow make this time of year my least favorite.  If you live a bit southeast of Cleveland like I do, on the edge of the “snow belt”, it’s even worse.  So far, this winter has been pretty mild, but I’m still counting the days till spring arrives.  It takes a little more effort for me to get out and shoot pictures this time of year, but there’s something beautiful about the starkness of buildings and other objects against the steely blue/gray sky.  You have less people in your shots, but that’s more than made up for with the abundance of geese!  Just be careful of where you step.  Here’s a number of images I shot last week.  Hope you enjoy them.

"Empty Bench"

“Empty Bench”

"Watch Where You Step"

“Watch Where You Step”

"Celebreeze Federal Building"

“Celebreeze Federal Building”

"Solar Panel Art"

“Solar Panel Art”

"Inner Harbor at Dusk"

“Inner Harbor at Dusk”

"Street Lights on Lakeside Avenue"

“Street Lights on Lakeside Avenue”

" Winter Flight"

” Winter Flight”

"Urban Art"

“Urban Art”

Thanks for looking!


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