More Rust Belt Beauty

March 6, 2017 § 2 Comments

“Rusted Beauty 1”

A few months back, I blogged about the beauty of a couple of rusty storage tanks in downtown Cleveland.  There’s something that intrigues me about the giant structures that were built when Cleveland was one of the thriving midwest industrial cities…an area of the country that years later, was derisively referred to as “the rust belt”.  Well Cleveland came back strong!  If you go back to any one of my many blogs about Cleveland, you’ll see all of the improvements we made through major renovation projects.  Unlike some other areas, the powers that be in Cleveland decided to leave some of these structures as a monument to our past.  For this blog, I concentrated on one structure.  When I photographed it, I didn’t know if it was part of a bridge, or some kind of crane and conveyor belt system for off-loading goods from ships that sailed the Great Lakes.  One of my closest friends saw one of the images and said she remembers seeing this bridge in operation when she was a little girl, complete with a bridge operator sitting in his booth making sure there were no collisions between ships, trains, or anything else.  Anyhow, like I said, all of these images are various views and angles of one structure.  Hope you enjoy them.

“Rusted Beauty 2”

“Rusted Beauty 3”

“Rusted Beauty 4”

“Rusted Beauty 5”

“Rusted Beauty 6”

“Rusted Beauty 7”

As always, thanks for looking!


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