When In Doubt, Shoot…Booze!

September 5, 2017 § 6 Comments

“Booze, Glasses and a Book”

It seems like ages since I shot in my studio. For most of this past year, and actually back to last fall, I’ve been shooting outdoor and location projects.  Recently I discovered that one of my closest and dearest friends was a “baker’s confectionary artist”.  I know she is an amazing artist with what I call a “Daliesque” style when it comes to her paintings and sketches, and I know her father had a bakery, but I never put the two together, until I saw a recent post of hers on Facebook.  She doesn’t just bake something that’s good to eat, she creates “edible art”!  Anyhow, I’ve been looking for a still life studio project to sink my teeth into(pun intended), so I contacted her and asked if I could photograph her “culinary creations”.  She said she would love to work on a project, so look for a future posting here of some of the most appetizing images I’ve ever done.  O.K. so what’s all of that have to do with booze images.  Well, feeling rusty in the studio, I decided I needed to set something up and shoot.  For me, I always find that shooting booze is fun.  Great shapes, great earthy color, and the interplay between subject and light is always beautiful. So I got the ingredients, played around with my lights, played around in Photoshop, and wound up with a number of new booze shots for my stock library.  I started with the book and glasses shot, and after a few more images from the front, decided to back up and shoot some behind the scenes(bts) images to show the elaborate(sometimes) set-up that goes into creating a very simple looking final image.  While moving around to the side to shoot one of the behind the scenes(bts) images, I noticed that the glass of booze had a very different look both in the glass, and with the surface on which I was shooting, so I shot images from different angles which are included here.  Also, while cleaning up the backgrounds etc. in Photoshop, I thought I would “paint” in a new background on a few.  So now let me shut up and show some pictures!

“Booze With Painted Background”


“Fade To Black”

“BTS 1”

“BTS 2, Showing Mirrors”

“From The Side”


As always, thanks for looking!


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