Autumn Art

October 16, 2017 § 10 Comments

Last week I was out shooting the fall foliage in my backyard.  We live out in the country, so we have a number of beautiful trees and a variety of fall colors.  While walking around, I noticed some of the leaves that had already fallen.  Drawing on my background as a still life photographer, I started to re-arrange some of the leaves.  I then walked around and rather looking up at the trees, I looked down at the ground.  Now I did “style” each shot, removing a twig or blade of grass etc.  I then proceeded to compose some of these shots by adding one leave to another, but all of these shots were done outdoors on the ground, without any additional lighting, just natural, available light.  Once I downloaded the images into my computer, I did edit each of the images.  I shoot raw.  What that means, to the non-photographers reading this, is I use very basic settings for color, contrast, exposure, etc.  I don’t want the camera to make decisions for me, except for auto focus…I don’t really trust my own eyes for that anymore!  In Photoshop, I adjusted exposure, color saturation, and shadowing to my liking.  If something in the shot bothers me, I may even paint it out completely.  I consider myself  an artist with a camera, not a photojournalist…big difference!  So, before anyone asks “is that photoshopped”, the answer is 99% of the time yes…to some degree.  So let’s look at some pictures.


As always, thanks for looking!


§ 10 Responses to Autumn Art

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