The Boys of Summer

April 30, 2018 § 6 Comments

The Duel

Every year during the Memorial Day weekend, we have something called Blossom Time here in Chagrin Falls, Ohio.  A carnival is set up complete with rides, games, contests, and plenty of “carny food”.  My favorite thing is an old time baseball game played between two teams who compete in an “old time” baseball league.  They play by the rules that governed baseball around the time of the Civil War till the late 1800’s.  The uniforms are replicas of that time also.  I love shooting the action at these games, but you always have to be careful since some of the players will be wearing the old uniform along with their Nike shoes!  My final image is that of what I envision a clubhouse from that era to look like.  I set it up in my studio and propped it with some of the items from my baseball collection.  I have a couple of books that have actual images that were taken from the very late 1800’s and into the early 1900’s.  The most recognized baseball photographer from that era was Charles M. Conlon.  He did amazingly beautiful portraits along with some on the field environmental candids, including some action shots, all while using a big view camera that was set up on a tripod!  I model my present day work, including the post processing after what Conlon did.  I’m looking forward to shooting more images in a month, but until then, here’s a compilation of my images from past years.

The Equipment Boy

The Swing

It’s Gone!

Studying The Game

On Deck


Both Teams Celebrating The Game!

The Clubhouse


Studio Still Life Photography…”Play Ball”

April 23, 2018 § 4 Comments

Catchers Mask and Glove

I love all the major sports, but when it comes to combining my photography and my love of sports, one sport stands out above the rest, and that’s baseball. There’s so much more history, more stories, and much more equipment.  As for still life photography, baseball is literally a gold mine!  All of the equipment is rich in texture, and the earthy colors are beautiful.  Added to that are the vibrant colors of baseball cards, uniforms, logos and pennants.  I’ve been collecting sports memorabilia for over 20 years now, most of which is baseball memorabilia.  The advances in design of gloves, bats, and catchers equipment has steadily evolved over the ages.  The stories and history of some of the men (and women during WWII), are some of the most entertaining of all American entertainers and celebrities, but that’s a blog for another time.  My inspiration for my baseball photographs are Charles M. Conlon, who did some of the most amazing baseball images in history in the early 1900’s, all while carrying around an old bulky view camera and glass plate negatives.  My other inspiration is a little more recent…Terry Heffernan, my friend and fellow alumni from the Cooper School of Art in Cleveland.  Terry was the first, and possibly still the only photographer to be allowed to “set up shop” in the Baseball Hall of Fame to shoot a series of still life images of equipment, uniforms and some personal items belonging to some of baseball’s immortals!  Anyhow, on to some more  of my images.

Bats, balls, and canvas equipment bag

Catcher’s Mask and Mitt, and Baseball Cards From The Early 1900’s

Catchers Equipment…known as the “Tools of Ignorance”

Early Cleveland Indians

Baseball Shoes and Very Early Base

My Opinion: “Shoeless Joe Belongs In the HOF!”

Thanks for looking!  Play Ball!

Food as Art…Fruit and Veggies

April 16, 2018 § 4 Comments

Blood Oranges

I’ve always loved shooting food.  There’s a real beauty in the colors, ranging from the deep earthy colors of eggplant, artichokes and pears, to the bright vibrant colors of apples, rhubarb and carrots.  The texture of these foods is amazing.  With the proper lighting, you really can produce “works of art”.  I created my own backgrounds, matched the subject with what I thought was the appropriate background, added a soft directional light, and got the results you see here.  I’m kicking around the idea of creating a book of “Food as Art”, or at least a calendar…we’ll see.  Anyhow, these are some of the first images in the series.




Cactus Pears

Cactus Pears #2

Swiss Chard


Sicilian Eggplant

Blood Oranges #2

Thanks for looking.

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