The Boys of Summer

April 30, 2018 § 6 Comments

The Duel

Every year during the Memorial Day weekend, we have something called Blossom Time here in Chagrin Falls, Ohio.  A carnival is set up complete with rides, games, contests, and plenty of “carny food”.  My favorite thing is an old time baseball game played between two teams who compete in an “old time” baseball league.  They play by the rules that governed baseball around the time of the Civil War till the late 1800’s.  The uniforms are replicas of that time also.  I love shooting the action at these games, but you always have to be careful since some of the players will be wearing the old uniform along with their Nike shoes!  My final image is that of what I envision a clubhouse from that era to look like.  I set it up in my studio and propped it with some of the items from my baseball collection.  I have a couple of books that have actual images that were taken from the very late 1800’s and into the early 1900’s.  The most recognized baseball photographer from that era was Charles M. Conlon.  He did amazingly beautiful portraits along with some on the field environmental candids, including some action shots, all while using a big view camera that was set up on a tripod!  I model my present day work, including the post processing after what Conlon did.  I’m looking forward to shooting more images in a month, but until then, here’s a compilation of my images from past years.

The Equipment Boy

The Swing

It’s Gone!

Studying The Game

On Deck


Both Teams Celebrating The Game!

The Clubhouse

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