Still Having Fun?

July 11, 2011 § 6 Comments

"Come On In, The Water's Fine"

I saw a guy riding his bike through the park the other day and I mentioned to my son how when I was young I would see how far I could ride with no hands.  If I got on a bike today, I’d look like I was riding through a major earthquake!  I started to think about how my idea of “fun” has changed.  I played baseball everyday during the summer, played football until the big snows hit, and then went sled riding and had snowball fights throughout the rest of the winter.  Now my idea of fun is eating at a nice restaurant, watching a movie, and having a lite beer with my meal…stop me, I’m out of control!  I’ve always loved shooting images of kids doing things…anything, they have fun doing all kinds of things…kinda like me a long time ago.  I looked through my files and gathered up a number of images that span from 2009 when I helped coach my son’s baseball teams right up to a few weeks ago when I photographed some kids playing around in the water at our local park.  With paying bills, trying to get back into shape, and attempting to drum up more clients for my photography business, it seems I have no time left for the fun things in life.  Well that’s changing as of today.  I plan on making time in my life for fun things…I’m going to oil up my baseball glove, and maybe have a “regular” beer with my dinner tonight…can’t rush into these things you know, I don’t want to hurt myself!

"I'm Getting Seasick Just Looking"


"Just A Little Inside"

"John 'The Rocket' DeVaul"

"Barry Bonds He Ain't"

I really miss the innocence of youth…time to try and get some of it back…how about you?


§ 6 Responses to Still Having Fun?

  • Gary Frey says:

    Great perspective, John! Made me smile.

  • Glenna Boyette says:

    Definitely a smile-worthy commentary. I remember playing baseball in a field beside our house until dark. Roller skating all day with friends. Halloweens when our whole small town came out in costume and had a mega street party. Playing Canasta or Scrabble all night. Thanks for the great reminder that it would be wonderful – and advisable – to return to that sense of youthful fun.

  • Jon DeVaul says:

    @Gary…thanks Gary, made me smile too!

    @Glenna…I just sent an email to the father of the boy who’s sprawled on the ground from an inside pitch, so he can check it out. The two of us coached our kids also in ’04. Our team was the Red Sox, and we won the championship…I guess it was an omen of what was to come later that year for the “real” Red Sox. Unfortunately I have no shots from that season since I was coaching and not taking pictures! Still a lot of great memories.

  • Adele says:

    A real nice post–photographically and emotionally. Do we have a dynamite fatherson team here? :0)

  • Jon DeVaul says:

    @Adele, thanks…I’m guessing you meant to leave this with “My Son The Photographer…” post I did today. As far as my son is concerned, if he isn’t better than me right now, he will be some day…and that makes me happy! Thanks again.

  • As always, fun and yet thought provoking! So enjoy your images!

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